The GARMCO Green Initiative

The GARMCO Green Initiative

The GARMCO Green Initiative presents one of the most radical steps taken by the company in arresting and reversing climate change, as well as working towards a better and cleaner tomorrow.

For GARMCO, it provides a clear outline for the eco-friendly direction that the company has been taking since it was formed in 1981. It further represents an opportunity for GARMCO to align its processes and operations towards achieving its vision for a sustainable future.

The GARMCO Green Initiative is not a new concept but rather a culmination of years of best practice in smart and conscience driven environmental stewardship of its resources. It has been based on GARMCO’s commitment to pursue quality, responsibility and reliability as key pillars of its operational philosophy. It ensures that the high quality of recycled aluminium products are manufactured with a sense of responsibility to the environment and to the welfare of future generations, as well as to be recognized as a reliable source of raw material to discerning customers from around the world.

The GARMCO Green Initiative, thus, has laid a strong foundation for GARMCO’s emergence as an environmentally responsible corporate entity with an enduring commitment to sustainable development and eco-friendly processes.

As a result of this on-going initiative, GARMCO was successful in obtaining ISO 14021:2016 certification for promoting best practices in environmental management across the organization. The certification is just another step in GARMCO’s sustainability journey and is expected to set the pace for the company’s growth as an organization ready and willing to meet future challenges with solutions.

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